DTD “We Care” Recovery Program

We are working exclusively with our loyal clients to address the impact of Covid 19 now and for what the “new normal” will look like at the end of this crisis. We have set our sights on providing remedies and opportunities to benefit the Miami market knowing that strength in numbers will reward us all.

Due to foreseeable economic uncertainty both short, mid, and long term, warehousing capacity will be greatly reduced in our market; climate controlled storage in particular will be non-existent.

Damage sustained from Covid 19 is impacting economic resources of art galleries, artists, museums, designers, auction houses and private clients. The need for increased or replacement storage space is imminent, if not immediate.

This economic impact will also affect local warehouse operators and will force possible closure or reduced services due to operational & manning constraints.

Further compounding this issue is the upcoming hurricane season that will stress all available storage space and artwork services.

We have been listening to our clients and watching closely the needs of the market. DTD Fine Art Services has already been taking advanced bookings for warehousing space and inventory relocation.

Time is of the essence and preplanning on our behalf, and that of our clients, is more important now than any other year.

With this obvious concern about the economic, operational and natural impact on several fronts, DTD FIne Art Services has created a joint “We Care” recovery program for our present customers only. We are trying to be proactive today for tomorrow’s needs.

Our “We Care” program is in place for:

Climate Controlled Storage:
Deferred monthly payments for positive cash flow

Gallery Transfer Service:
Initial transfer to storage with no transfer fee on storage contract
Twice monthly transfer service with no transfer fee

NY Shuttle:
Twice monthly schedule, discounted on storage contract
One month free storage in NY or Miami

Virtual Gallery:
Online gallery services offering photography, cataloguing and delivery services

Viewing Rooms:
Accessible finished space for viewings including installation

Hurricane planning:
Consultation for scheduling, storage allotment and transfer logistics


Climate Controlled Storage
$295 MIN per month or $1.25 per cft - 15 month contract, first 3 months waived
Items of irregular size or non-rackable items require special pricing

Gallery Transfer Service Initial relocation and twice monthly transfer service with no transfer fee, then $350 per transfer (based upon two art handlers, one hour max on sight, no packing materials)

NY - Miami Shuttle
$725 MIN or $7.25 p/cft

Viewing Room
$525 (three HR MIN) $175 per additional hour

Hurricane planning
Free consultation
No transfer fee on storage contract

Fuel surcharges included
Transit and storage insurance available
Terms and conditions: http://www.dtdusa.com/links/terms-and-conditions-of-service

DTD Fine Art Services Full Product Offering
Rates Upon Request

Download Storage Leasing Agreement (with insurance disclaimer)